Elektro Plast Nasielsk
2K02 Junction boxes new type airtight
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Price change
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CARLA new bathroom socket IP44 single with a schuko flap
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New MSF surface mounted switchboards MULTIMEDIA WS
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Certyficate ISO 9001:2015

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Welcome to our site!

Welcome to our site!


"ELEKTRO-PLAST" is our enterprice established in 1983, which is specialized in the production of the electrical equipment.. For over the years it has become one of the biggest Polish companies specialized in this branch.

We offer wide range of electrical accessories:

 modular breakers
 power sockets and plugs
 hermetic sockets and switches
 sockets and switches made in flush mounted solution
 hermetic boxies and branch-boxies
 under-wall boxies
 low voltage distribution boxies and casings
 meter pannels


We hope that introducing our site, we provided you sufficient informations, which are going to help for our better cooperation.

Trust us - "ELEKTRO-PLAST" is your verified and reliable partner.


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