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Certyficate ISO 9001:2015

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About Company

Tadeusz Czachorowski
Spółka Jawna 

VAT reg. Number: PL5311689992
Statist. Number: 146989503
KRS: 0000488346

We are certified
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate



"ELEKTRO-PLAST Nasielsk" is one from the biggest Polish firms which is specialized in the production of the electricalinstallation equipment. Our company was founded on 1983 and we are the enterprise with the trade-productive nature.

We offer wide range of electrical accessories:

  • splash-proof equipment (on-wall and under-wall mode)
  • branch-boxies (on-wall and under-wall mode)
  • low voltage distribution boxies
  • hermetic boxies and branch-boxies
  • boxies made of under-wall mode

Our factory  has over 80 pcs of modern injection moulding machines (Arburg, Biraghi, Engel), computer controlled. We also own the Construction-Technology Department, Tool-house, Warehouses  and own Transportation Department. Steady and experienced management is our trump.

High quality of our products is the result of complying with modern technologies and ISO 9001:2008 norms – admitted by Bureau Veritas  Quality International. The range of certification is – design engineering, production and sales of electrical accessories, the articles made of plastics and also the instrumentations.

From many  years "ELEKTRO-PLAST" cooperates with the biggest chainstories and wholesalers in Poland. The articles produced
by our company are widely known in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Esthonia and Lithuania.

All our products get Certificates and Quality  Attests  both  for  domestic and foreign market.  We produce our product for  widely known companies, like Moeller, Siemens and Spelsberg.

We hope that introducing this site, it will be helpful for you and will make your choice better for our cooperation.

is your verified and reliable partner


  We use those machines to produce our products:


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