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New Enclosures for residential segment serie MSF2021-12-27 

New Enclosures for residential segment serie MSF

Serie of modern enclosures MSF electrical version and multimedia version was extended  for new models of enclosures.

TWIN type that combines together in one enclosure both option electrical and multimedia  one.

New enclosures MSF TWIN available as flush mounted and surface mounted into six various ensures in this way entire choice for instalator according to needs that are different during in residential area.

MSF electrical type with 5 rows /12 mod in each row versions 

flush-mounted (RP) and surface mounted (RN)

MSF RP 5X12 IP30 (PE+N)

MSF RN 5X12 IP30 (PE+N)

MSF TWIN RP 1x12 (PE+N) + 3x12 multimedia

MSF TWIN RP 2x12 (PE+N) + 2x12 multimedia

MSF TWIN RP 3x12 (PE+N) + 1x12 multimedia

MSF TWIN RN 1x12 (PE+N) + 3x12 multimedia

MSF TWIN RN 2x12 (PE+N) + 2x12 multimedia

MSF TWIN RN 3x12 (PE+N) + 1x12 multimedia

- terminal bars PE + N included

- mounting plate with holes suitable to assembly electronical tele- tech devices

- degree protection IP30 , rated voltage 400V AC

- enclosure equipped with socket 16A/250V

- assembly kit for universal connection to wall with metal plates

- double DIN rails

-metal door super flat only 5 mm

Colour white RAL 9016

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