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VESTRA sockets and connectors - a new frame series2021-11-19 

VESTRA - a new series of concealed accessories:


- product completely designed and made in Poland

- reliability and highest quality confirmed by 7 years quarantee

- entire range of sockets special application as LAN, speakers, HDMI, FF connectors, intelligent socket 2xUSB, illuminated switches, cover click, ergonomic LED dimmer, modular double socket

- serie equipped with easy to assembly certified dimmer designed specially as solution to be compatible  to modern LED light sources

-energy saving microprocessor controlled intelligent USB socket allows fast charging current max 5V 3,5 A

-available colours: white, silver, black

- multiple frames vertical/horizontal till 4 modules

- glass frames

- new mechanism platform

-precise positioning of mechanisms in wall due to specially designed shelf for the support of the level

- high class quality raw material with obtained shining surface

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