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INDUSTRIAL Hermetic Box IP65 with hinges
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Price change2020-12-30 

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INDUSTRIAL Hermetic Box IP65 with hinges2020-12-10 

INDUSTRIAL Hermetic Box IP65 with hinges


INDUSTRIAL hermetic box range has been extended with a new one box including multi functional mounting plate and hinges joining cover with body what helps assembly and equipment on the high without necessity of cover opening .

Additionally box included plastic holders that allows toolless  opening and closing box.

Index: 2717-03

Cover with hinges

Toolless cover opening

Fast opening

Industry dedicated

Hermetic IP65

Sealing function

Impact resistance IK 07

Grey RAL 7035

Internal dimensions:: 214x162x102 mm

External dimensions: 220x170x120 mm

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KRAFT- new metal enclosures2020-08-06 

KRAFT enclosures it is newest group metal enclosures of Company ELEKTRO-PLAST Nasielsk

it is complement range for entire offer enclosures till 160 A generally recommended to walls due to its depth

in public utility buildings segment and for residential application.

Metal enclosures serie KRAFT is available in surface mounted type and flush mounted type in range since 1 to 7 x 24 mod into rows. Casings ensure impact resistance IK10

what efficient protects circuir breakers and devices inside

in normal working environment. Enclosures available in white color RAL9003


Product characteristic:

- Surface mounted and flush mounted types RN/RP

- universal reversible door left/right

-PE+N terminal bars included

- IK10

- circuit breakers modules maximum 168 units (7x24)

-1-7 rows

-surface mounted enclosures : bottom depth 150 mm

-flush mounted enclosures: bottom depth 146 mm

- key lock option included

- metal casing powder coated

- white color RAL9003

- weaknesses into side walls



ELEGANT 2x12 is the newest group of enclosures flush mounted RP and surface mounted in competitive level price for developers and residential applications. The latest models of ELEGANT enclosures are made with the high quality plastics. Available in electrical version and multimedia as well which are complied to domestic regulations related to tele-technical connections.

Available colour white RAL 9003 with transparent smoke doors.



- protection class II

- degree protection IP40

- impact resistance IK07

-1 door

- DIN rail

- cover fixed by latch

- door frame reversible

- electrical and multimedia version

- terminal bars PE +N  in supports

- N clamp included

- colour white RAL 9003

- door colour as enclosure or  transparent smoke doors


Multimedia version:

- patch-panel (for modules RJ45, TV F-F, fibre-optic cables SC/APC)

- mounting plate powder coating for tele-technical devices – router Wi-Fi modems

- socket 16A/250V,


2K02 Junction boxes new type airtight 2020-03-13 

Vast range of junction boxes for hollow walls of ELEKTRO-PLAST Nasielsk is extended for new type of junction box two components airtight 2K02

Junction box 2K02 is suitable for many applications to installation area due to hermetic properties

Available in orange brick colour RAL 2003 ,voltage 400V has membranes made in two components technology

Price change2019-12-13 


Dear Sirs

Due to significant increased cost of labourer, energy and raw materials we would like to inform that we have to make price increasing of our products.

since 11 January 2020 Average prices will be higher  around 8% according category.


Each order placed till 10 January will be processing according previous price list befor price increasing.


All details you can obtain at our sales represantatives.



Kind regards


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CARLA new bathroom socket IP44 single with a schuko flap2019-11-29 

CARLA as a series dedicated to housing investments has expanded its current offer to include bathroom flaps with a schuko ground. It is intended for use in countries where this type of grounding is considered the basic, among others in Germany, Sweden, Spain and eastern markets.

> see also <

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New MSF surface mounted switchboards MULTIMEDIA WS2019-10-09 

MSF switchgear with metal multimedia doors in a free-standing surface-mounted version
The MSF switchgears with metal doors of Elektro-Plast Nasielsk, which are very popular with installers, have been enriched with a free-standing surface mounted version on a pedestal mounted directly on the floor.
These switchgears are used in residential construction.
Switchboards are in the multimedia version.
• surface-mounted free standing MSF
• teletechnical version equipped with a 16-port patch panel, mounting plates and power socket
• metal lock with keys as an option
Colors: white RAL9016

The 32nd edition of the International Fair ENERGETAB 2019 in Bielsko has been completed2019-09-20 
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New surface-mounted MSF switchboards2019-08-29 

MSF switchgear with metal doors in a surface-mounted version

The MSF switchgears with metal doors from Elektro-Plast Nasielsk, which are highly appreciated by installers, have been enriched with a surface-mounted version.
Surface-mounted switchboards MSF come in 4 sizes. They are dedicated to wall installations in accordance with the ordinance of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy on the technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 1289).
These switchgears are used in residential construction.
Switchgears are available in modular and multimedia versions.

- surface-mounted electrical switchgear MSF equipped with PE + N terminals,
- teletechnical version equipped with a 12-port patch panel, mounting plate and power socket,
- metal locks with keys as standard equipment,
- 8 references (4 sizes 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-rows) with 12 + 2 modules in a row.

Technical parameters:
protection degree IP30,
II protection class.
Colors: white RAL9016

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Fair Energetab 2019 Bielsko-Biala2019-08-13 

It is pleased to invite

to visit our stand during

Fair ENERGATAB 2019 Bielsko-Biała, Poland 

ENERGETAB - the largest electrotechnics and energy exhibition in Poland

Hall J Stand 32

17-19 September 2019

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NEW ELEGANT2019-05-20 


Enclosure ELEGANT 2x12 is the newest enclosures group ELEGANT serie released by ELEKTRO-PLAST Nasielsk for developers residential segment supplied in available level price. New model is made high quality raw material. Serie includes electrical version and multimedia one complied to domestic regulation regarding electro-technical devices montage. Enclosures ensure high protection degree IP 40 and impact resistance IK07 that is very efficient protect devices inside in normal environment. Two rows enclosures ELEGANT are available in full white color RAL9003 and with smoked transparent doors option >>more information<<


- II class protection

- IP40

- 1 door

- rack for DIN rail inside

- removable cover by latch

- replaceable universal left-right door

- residential enclosures electrical version and multimedia one

- surface mounted

- PE+N terminal bars into supports

- N clamp equipped

- white color RAL 9003

- door as body color  and smoked transparent door option

- multimedia version

- socket 250 V

- patch-panel,

- powder painting  mounting plate for electro-technical devices as router Wi-Fi, modem


>> more information


New sizes INDUSTRIAL SR IP652019-04-26 

The offer of SR industrial cabinets has been extended with new professional references, which are aimed primarily at electronics, automation and teletechnics.
They are resistant to chemical agents, halogen-free, and additionally they enable work in a wide temperature range.
The hermetic SR series cabinets ensure installation safety also in extremely demanding conditions.
Due to the fact that the cabinets are directed mainly to the industry, the sealing of the covers plays a very important role, thanks to which they become an even more reliable solution dedicated to the maintenance departments.

- IP65 protection

- mounting plate made of galvanized steel 1 mm
- execution> ABS <
- impact resistance IK08
- machine sealed
- mounting brackets in the set
- upper hinged lid
- universal left / right door
- hooks enabling graduation of the height of the mounting plate
- increased resistance of the housing to UV radiation
- halogen-free
The choice of available versions and sizes makes it easy to select a model that perfectly meets the requirements for a given installation

Automaticon 2019 Thanks 2019-04-03 

HERMES new colors 2019-02-22 

Unusual design conception and high protection level can be supplied together. Switches and sockets Hermes  IP 44 surface mounted produced by ELEKTRO-PLAST NASIELSK ensures creation save and comfortable work environment.

Applied solutions brings to protect circuts under the power against dust and water. HERMES provides excellent suitability into each space . Since now  available in elegant colours range joining grey RAL 7035 and antracyt RAL 7016

AUTOMATICON Fair 20192019-02-18 

We are pleased to invite you

to visit our stand during


International Fair for Industrial Automation

F6 stand, Hall 3


Adress: Pradzynskiego Street 12/14,  Warsaw, POLAND

from 26 - 29 march 2019

More info  >>


The marketing team


Price change2018-12-27 

Dear Sirs


We would like to announce that since 04 February 2019 some prices of articles into our production program will be changed.

Depending on category average prices will be higher around 8 %.

Each order placed till 02 February will be processing according price list before price increasinig.

Additional information and details you can obtain from our regional sales represantatives.


Best regards


SENTIA glass frames in anthracite color2018-09-27 


Sentia as a premium class production by ELEKTRO-PLAST Nasielsk has extended its previous color of glass frames with a new anthracite color with a decorative in black metallized finish.


The new anthracite color RAL 7016 offers huge possibilities of use in according with today's trends and finishing designs.

Energetab 2018 Thank You2018-09-17 

Thank you very much for visiting our stand during International Fair Energetab 2018 in Bielsko-Biała.

Your opinion and notices are very essential information.

All of the visitors we would like to thank you very much for  meetings, discussion and views exchange.

And even today we would like to invite you for another edition ENERGETAB Fair 2019.

Marketing Team


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New catalogue 20192018-08-27 

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NEW BERG2018-04-18 

Berg means high esthetic performance, durability and long life time.This is universal serie corresponding to many different needs all kind of investments and appilcations for residential sector or public utility space. Surface mounted switches & sockets excellent matches to requirements of nowdays interior architecture art.



  • sockets 16 A, switches 10 A,250V
  • surface mounted
  • possible to assembly in furniture systems
  • compact size (dimensions 62 x 62 x 36 mm)
  • weaknesses in the bottom and into walls for cables positions
  • available colours :white,silver, all gloss finish surface
  • screw connectors to 2,5mm2
  • socket with french type earthing and schuko
  • also version with child protection available.
Price change2018-04-06 

We would like to inform that since 07 th May 2018 some prices  into our assortment will be changed.

All orders placed till 04 th May 2018 will be proceed according previous price list valid before price changing.


Details information available at our regional sales representatives.




Automaticon 2018 Thank You2018-03-23 

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Automaticon 2018 Now2018-03-21 

We just started second day of Fair Automaticon 2018.

According visitors statement this is the most representative automation branch fair in Poland.

Our production program of hermetic boxes is very interested in visitors opinions.

You can visit event free of charge. Fair will be till Friday.

We would like to invite you,really worth.

Fairs AUTOMATICON® 20-23 march 2018, Warsaw , Pr±dzyńskiego 12/14 Street


Marketing team



The company ELEKTRO-PLAST Nasielsk

It is pleased to invite

to visit our stand during


International Fair for Industrial Automation

F6 stand, Hall 3


Adress: Pradzynskiego Street 12/14,  Warsaw, POLAND

from 20-23 march 2018

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The marketing team



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