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Flush-mounted sockets and switches

Modular series FLAVIA™
Modular series SANTRA™
Modular series VESTRA™
Modular series SENTIA™
Modular series ASTORIA™
Modular series LORENTE™
Modular series VOLANTE™
Modular series CARLA™
Flush-mounted sockets and switches FESTA™

Surface-mounted sockets and switches

Surface series BERG

Hermetic sockets and switches

Hermetic series AQUANT™ IP 65
Hermetic series AQUANT™ IP 55
Hermetic series HERMES IP 44
Hermetic series HERMES 2 IP 44

Distribution boxes and casings

Casings S IP 20 and IP 30
Distribution boxes MSF™
Enclosures KRAFT™
Enclosures ECONOMIC BOX™ IP 40
Enclosures GREEN BOX™ IP 40
Distribution boxes ELEGANT™ IP 40
Distribution boxes AREO™ IP 40 NEW!
Distribution boxes EP-LUX Plus™ IP 65
Enclosures HERMETICA™ IP65
Distribution boxes GALANT Plus™ IP 65
Distribution boxes ZK

    Modular breakers

    Circuit Breakers EPS
    Circuit Breakers EPRPN
    Circuit Breakers EPRP
    Circuit Breakers EPS
    Circuit Breakers EPOP
    Circuit Breakers EPRG
    Control sign lamp EPL-L

    Power equipment

    Power enclosures RS
    Power sockets and plugs

    Electroinstallation accessories

    Boxes and taps
    Installation accessories
    Velour protective pads under the switch

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