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u/w Sockets and switches

Modular equipment VESTRA™
Modular equipment SENTIA™
Modular equipment ASTORIA™
Modular serie LORENTE™
Modular serie VOLANTE™
Modular serie CARLA™
u/w Equipment FESTA™

o/w Sockets and switches

Surface series BERG

Hermetic sockets and switches

Hermetic serie AQUANT™ IP 65
Hermetic serie AQUANT™ IP 55
Hermetic equipment HERMES IP 44
Hermetic equipment HERMES 2 IP 44

Distribution boxes and casings

Casings S IP 20 and IP 30
Distribution boxes MSF™
Enclosures KRAFT
Enclosures MERIVA™ IP40 NEW!
Enclosures ECONOMIC BOX IP 40
Enclosures GREEN BOX IP 40
Distribution boxes ELEGANT™ IP 40
Distribution boxes EP-LUX Plus IP 65
Enclosures HERMETICA IP65 NEW!
Distribution boxes GALANT Plus IP 65
Distribution boxes ZK

    Modular breakers

    Circuit brakers EPS
    Circuit brakers EPRPN
    Circuit brakers EPRP
    Circuit brakers EPS
    Circuit brakers EPOP
    Circuit brakers EPRG
    Control sign lamp EPL-L

    Power equipment

    Rozdzielnice siłowe RS
    Power sockets and plugs

    Electro installation equipment

    Boxes and branch boxes
    Instalation equipment
    Welurowe podkładki ochronne pod włącznik

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